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4110 Howard Avenue, Kensington, MD


Can you re-wire my lamp after you restore it? Yes we can. Additional charges may apply.

Can you chrome plate my classic car bumpers? We are not equipped to plate large bumpers. We can plate certain “split” bumpers on corvettes, and certain model Jaguars.

How long does the process take? Depending on what your project is, typical turn around is 1-4 weeks. If you have a specific request, please feel free to ask. We can always work out a fast turn around if needed. In regards to polishing front door hardware, we can provide same day service, please call for specific details. 24 hours notice is required for this.

I have brass bathroom fixtures that I want in a chrome, or a satin nickel finish, can you do this? Yes we can. If you have someone remove the items, they can be brought here to the shop and we can re-plate them.

Can you electro-plate plastic parts? No we cannot, but call us and we can refer a company who can.

Do you accept credit cards? We take all major credit cards, except American Express.

Can you re-plate my chrome wheels? We are not equipped to plate car wheels. We can only re-plate certain motorcycle wheels with spokes. We can polish aluminum car and motorcycle wheels. Please call with specific details.

Can I mail you my parts, and when the job is completed, give you a credit card number or check and have you ship it back to me? Yes we can, we ship with UPS daily, or we can mail small things with USPS.

Can you come to my house and polish my brass hand rail? Unfortunately at this time, we do not perform any work off premise. All work is performed here at the shop.